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by David Mcintosh, Yale Alumni Travel
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by David Mcintosh, Yale Alumni Travel
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Vagabond Sailing Testimonials:

Ronnie B. says:

I couldn’t recommend a Vagabond Sailing adventure more highly. My experience with Vagabond Sailing was so much more than I had ever hoped for or imagined. Everything from the amazing people and friendships developed to the adventures and explorations made this one of the best trips I’ve ever gone on. It was a perfect combination of adventure and relaxation. Rob, the skipper, and David, the first mate, were terrific— They are wonderful, trustworthy, caring people– as was everyone. Our boat— an international delegation of many countries and some crazy amount of languages (13? who remembers?) — quickly became a home. Everyone took on his/her role (with Desi organizing a bit–thank you!) and added to the wonderful experience. Two short weeks were packed with *SO* many beautiful memories. Usually when I come back home from trips, I am sad because I want to go back, but this time when I came home I just felt so peaceful, blessed, and grateful– I just couldn’t have asked/hoped for more! But I am very much looking forward to more trips. Thank you, Vagabond and Tzatziki crew! 

- Ronnie


Marriane W. says:

My trip with Vagabond Sailing was the perfect combination of everything I want from a vacation. It was restful, exciting and active, and I loved the opportunity to explore a new port or island every day. I had been wanting to learn more about sailing, so when I heard about the VS trip to Greece it made total sense – what’s better, sailing for an hour a week for a few months at some sailing school, or a solid week of sailing in the Mediterranean? Additionally, the trips are so cost effective that they are actually more affordable than most sailing school programs.

My best memories from the trip definitely revolve around the people, however, and I think that’s one of the strengths of the VS model. This is perfect for people who are flexible, adventurous, and willing to meet new people. I loved how I got to know so many different types from around the world, all of whom had unique contributions that they made to the trip (in terms of talents, personalities, etc.) So if you’ve got space in your life for new friends, VS could definitely be for you.

Also, I’m not a nervousy person by disposition (I don’t think?) but I felt very comfortable and confident in Rob’s leadership (also big shout out to 2nd mate David!) We encountered some “advanced sailing” at various points due to high winds, and the way that Rob, David and the crew handled it was really great.

Basically, I will be recommending VS to all of my friends and family, and personally can’t wait until the next trip! 

- Marianne (Tzatziki Voyage Alum, October 2012)


Kristoffer S Jensen says: 

I have been a member on (CS) for some years, I love the idea that even if I cannot go travelling I can still have the world come to me. But like all other good things you get used to them, and it’s easy to lose interest. On CS there are subgroups for all the different ways one can travel, your imagination is the only limit. 

So for so many nights, where I was supposed to do one report after the other. I dreamed myself away. Would I go hiking in the Andes, or would I go road tripping in Russia. The ideas were many but, never was there one that really stuck, that is, until I found the sailing project.

I love the idea of sailing, for a person that lives in a country, with 443 islands in 660 sq km of water, and 7,314 km of coastline it’s strange to me that I have kept most of my life on land. When I went to sea I was, along with captains, Ahab, Nemo, or the young Jim Hawkins. This was the travelling form that I missed, so now I was spending my time looking for the post, for the trip that I could go on. 

Then one day it was there, someone called Rob, was looking for crew going around the Greek waters. This was the trip, I could go around like Odysseus! Or wait, wasn’t there something about him not finding home for 20 years? I’m not sure. It was not one of the books I read in school. But hey! 9 persons that I had never meet before, going around together in the Mediterranean, on a 50 foot ship, this was the type of adventure, which I had dreamed of all those cold winter nights.

The travelling planning went, smoother as one could only dream of, after a couple of emails. Rob sent me to a Facebook (FB) group. And from there I was presented to the rest of the crew. A couple of weeks later I was landing in Athens. Using the FB group, I had to hook up with, Bernardo, a Brazilian member of the crew. We spent two days together in the city, and then went to ship that was moored in Lavrio. On the bus, we met up with Judith, a Spanish girl; the crew was getting larger every day. And I loved every moment of it.

In Lavrio we met up with the rest of the other shipmates. The 10 of us were, Rob, Desi, Jess, Mr. Computer (David), Marie, Ronnie (US) Bernardo (BR) Ale (IT) Judith (SP) and myself (DK)

We would not be leaving port before next day. So we went to the temple of Poseidon and gave him a present. And asked for good wind. And the god must have loved our offerings. Because we got what we asked for. I remember that we were talking about that we would love to experience all kinds of weather, and it happened. One day there was no wind, the water was so still that you could see your own reflection. So we jumped in and swam in the middle of Mediterranean.

A normal day would be spent going to sea in the morning. Spending the day at sea, and then in the late afternoon we would arrive at a new port. The next day we would go around the island. On scooters, ATVs or by walking.

But the sights were not the most important, for every trip there will be different places to see, and ways to do it. No what I take with me is the way of traveling, the mindset of the persons that were my mates.

In order to stay on a ship, with 9 persons that you never have see before can be hard, but on this trip, it seemed so easy, we all just clicked. I remember, that I told one of my friend’s it was like staying in a floating hostel where you normally would spend a day or two with the persons that you meet and then go on your way. Here you spent the day with the others, and then when you arrived. You would go out with one or two others and in the evening, we would all meet up having dinner together, and talk about the day. 

As I put this down I am again dreaming of leaving my cold country in the north. I think that because my first trip was so perfect. I will be going on sailing trips for the next many years. I hope that you will have just as many magical moments as I did. I know that if you are with Rob, he will be doing all that is in his power.

I think that every person should go sailing at least once in their life.

- Kristoffer Stensgaard Jensen (Tzatziki Voyager)


Desiree Scorcelletti says:  

I have often gone on “vacation” only to return home either completely bored or needing a vacation from my vacation— Vagabond Sailing really truly offers the perfect combination of both adventure and relaxation. Value and quality wise, I cannot imagine a richer experience than my voyages with Vagabond.

I love the grassroots aspect of being able to create exactly what we want as THE sailing crew! I have learned so much about sailing, culture, both from fellow crew members and the beautiful islands we have explored, as well as true geographical exploration. These trips fill me with so much gratitude for how beautifully a bunch of strangers can come together for a once in a lifetime experience. I have friends from all over the world now!

Sailing isn’t just for rich people anymore. It’s more accessible than ever, costing less than even a snowboarding trip, while offering SOOOOO much more. These trips are such a reminder of how much magic- via synchronicity and freedom- we can experience. Being on a VS sailboat I feel transported to a new realm of time and space that is so much closer to my natural rhythm. 

Thank you to all who come on these trips with us, for offering us such authentic journeys! I have a lifetime of VS sailing ahead of me!!

- Chef Desi


Ali says: 

I am Ali a little boy from Paris. I signed up for the vagabond sailing since the starting of the web site. The idea seduced me and it was my only chance to sail without spending to much money.

I participate to the Jammin trip last summer in July 2010 from Barcelona to Follonica. I was wonderning how I can spend 2 weeks with people I didn’t know before, and imagine yoursefl in the middle of the sea with A BORING CREW… what about your money ??? you give it to someone on the internet mhhhh it seems like “swinding”

THERE IS NOTHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING with these guys (Rob & Marco) they do it just because they like sailing and they don’t make any profit or commercial things. So, about my worries, crew and money : It’s like in life you can meet easygoing people, talkative, nice, dirty whatever … but here I WAS really suprised because it’s the perfect life (Marco, Ricardo, Sole, Christina, Catherine, Morgane, Robert, Carlos, Waseem, Brad, Alessandro) they just become my best friends!!! (I am not exaggerating, I almost cried during the last moments)

You will see that after 2 weeks with these guys it’s really hard to say “good by”.

So, no worries, if you give your money you can ask just see the receipe of the sailing charter company and also when you share food and port fees you can see how much it coast you will understand that IT’S IMPOSSIBLE to make money with it.

However, I am talking about that because during the first VS experience people didn’t trust Marco&Rob and even me when I was looking for people to come with us.

And, this is my experience with the trip :

We met in Barcelona with the first crew The one love Crew (Follonica to Barcelona). We had dinner together and party after that. The day after we met in the boat and come with our stuff. Ready to embark. The One Love crew was leaving the boat. (I was the one who arrived too late, they come and looking for me in the port of Barcelona, I was lost :p)

The plan ??? THERE IS NO PLAN!!!! They only thing you know it’s the final destination!!!! THAT’S AMAZING, hein ? why ? it sucks there is no plan!!!!

We decide all together where to go and what everybody like to do it’s BETTER than a planned trip!!! We did some snorkeling, fishing swiming just have a look to this video and you will see 

I wanna notice that I won against Robert in Texas Hold Em, So a french guy WON it was just a pleasure and I’ll post the picture that prove it :p

Euuh what about some unforgetable words 

“Marcolino” Cute Sole calling Marco

“Ali SHUT UP and go to bed” Waseem after a party in Roses where I was TOTALY off

“Vafanculo!!!” Christina loosing in the poker and when there is no wind also euuh OFTEN said “Venta di merda”

“Here we go” & “Thank you sir” Rob’s Texas accent I like it !!!!

“Do you come from the land down under??…” Brad singing man at work

“Ohhh ze american is already in ze bed” Ali (me) going to bed at 4am and asking that!!! What I was expected ??? That Brad is not in the bed it’s 4 am!!!

“Come on!!!!”& “What the fuck?!?” Ricardo the best vice Captain always using these words

“Rob, Zere is no Joliefish” Morgane asking rob if THERE IS JELLYFISH with a french accent (like me)

“Ze Americain” Brad’s name by Morgane, it means (The American)

“Bona noooooooooooooooote” Sole going to sleep and wishing good night

“Penut butter and jam with cheap bread please” Brad asking for lunch :p

Catherine always start conversation with “Well, ….” LOL

Carlos was the only one that I can’t say nothing about him because he’s very quiet 


I already reserve a place for the next trip, I am ready to go, BUT NEVER IN “GOLF DE LION”! (golf de lion, it located between the french and spanish border a lot of wind almost 100Km/h very strong wind that keep us in Port Roses for 3 days and after that we changed the plan going directly to Corsica)


Sorry for my english and this is a french testomenial :

Je suis Ali de la région Parisienne. J’ai participé à ce projet de Vagabond-Sailing dans sa première édition. C’était un plaisir de faire le premier voyage avec eux. Au début, personne nous faisait confiance car on demande aux gens souhaitant de participer de payer en avance. Ce qui est normal car on ne peut pas faire de réservation de voilier autrement. Marco et Robert sont des personnes sérieuses qui aiment ce qu’ils font. Les frais sont : la location de bateau + les frais (nouriture, frais de port). Tous les frais sont partager sur les membres de l’équipage. Voilà mon retour d’expérience sur les aspects financiers.

Mais au delà de l’argent, vous allez participer à la vie à bord : Manipulation de voile, Tenir la barre et aussi cuisiner une spécialité culinaire de votre pays (pour moi c’etait les crêpes, foie gras (je l’ai acheté + sauterne), Salade marocaine et thé à la menthe). Puis vous allez, faire de la plongée si vous avez les équipements ou tout simplement nager dans endroits dignes des iles de l’océanie. Où l’accés n’est possible qu’en bateau. Puis vous allez rencontré les dauphins, les baleines et vous allez faire de la pêche (pour les plus patients). Ce que j’ai beaucoup appréciez sont les paysages à couper le souffle de la corse sans oublier l’espagne et l’italie aussi mais l’ile de la beauté l’emporte largement. J’ai eu peur au début car je ne connaissais pas ces personnes et je me suis dit passer 2 semaines avec des personnes que je ne connaissais pas … c’est un peu risqué!!! Que faire si je ne m’entend pas avec elles? Et bien pas du tout, je vous jure que j’ai failli pleurer lorsqu’on s’est dit “Au revoir”!!

J’ai hâte de reprendre la mer avec ces gars et je n’hésiterai pas un instant à le refaire l’année prochaine. Pour plus de sensations regarder cette video et lisez ma version anglaise aussi. Ah ouii vous allez vraiment améliorer votre anglais aussi car c’est la langue du bateau 

Bisous les enfants!!!! et Merci beaucoup 

- Ali (Jammin’ Voyage Alum, July 2010)


Carlos Lopes says:  

I’ve been wanting to write this for some time now. One could say that the better way to make a testimonial is, do it when is still fresh. Well for me sometimes, doing it later goes best. Because this is the time when I look back and remember those wonderful days I spent on board of the Bavaria “Bonnie” 44, and I can remember a lot of details that probably would go forgotten back then. And how I wish to go back with a different and more cheerful spirit!

It began early in 2010, when I was wondering thru some Couchsurffing forums and discovered an interesting message from a French guy called Ali who was talking about a sailing trip thru the Mediterranean Sea. It caught my attention instantly. After that I read the whole Vagabond Sailing site and decided that this would be my breakthrough voyage – I would be going on a Europe trip by myself. Thus I had this big challenge – I had to trust 2 guys named Marco and Robert, that I didn’t know. I’ve always believed in the sense of human honesty and respect – perhaps a bit naive. But I decided that everything that was on the site, and all the discussions I had by e-mail or chat were reliable. The hard part was to be able to convince everyone around me that this was actually safe – or at least as safe as one could hope for. And Portuguese people are very untrusting and suspicious on their own! Working in Films, one of the commandments is that you always have to be prepared for what you’re not expecting. So I risked it…

… and thankfully I don’t regret it. Sailing was an amazing experience!

So, everyday that I dress the VS shirt and look through the window to find clouds and rain (like today), I go back in my memory and remember the spectacular sunny days by the coast of Spain, the orange light sunsets, the warm nights drinking at the candle-light in the middle of a Spanish bay, waking up at Corsica and taking a morning swim on the clearest blue waters I’ve ever seen, learning about how to helm the boat and nautical basics, feeling the sea breeze, watch the cheering dolphins playing along by the boat, sleep on a bouncing bed like a baby’s cradle, listen to “Men at Work”, Eddie Vadder, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bob Dylan… But above all that I remember is an amazing group of people that decided to get together in a new experience and a great cultural exchange from almost seven countries: Marco, Robert, Sole, Cristina, Brad, Ali, Catherine, Waseem and Ricardo. I may have been the quietest person on board (frankly, I really was) but I promise that if by any chance I be able to repeat this experience, it’ll be different. And I really hope and mean that!…So, to those readers that want to be part of VS, and are still uneasy, I assure you that the founders, Marco and Robert, are two of the best people I know. And they will be the first to help you in case of any doubt or uncertainty. So, let’s plan new trips! I hope this finds my fellow sailors in good shape and healthy! Cheers everyone! 

- Carlos Lopes (Jammin’ Voyage Alum, July 2010)